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Love Ukraine

About us

# Our work

We send buses and trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine and then bring Ukrainian children who have lost their parents, during the war or earlier, to Lithuania. Thanks to our connections in Ukraine, we are able to reach the areas and people who need support the most. Our humanitarian aid consists mostly of essential medicines, bandages, medical tourniquets, disinfectants, canned food, hygiene items and surgical instrument kits.

As strong as we are, we can’t do this alone. The Ukrainians who are fighting this war and the children left orphaned there need your support.

# Together

Three of the biggest IT companies in Lithuania: NFQ, HomeToGo, Telesoftas, and the entrepreneur Vladas Lašas have joined forces with “Helping Wing” and now invite other companies, investors and anyone at all who care about Europe being a safe place for everyone, to take a stand against the aggressor and provide help for those who need it most.

Please help Ukraine with humanitarian aid - all the necessary equipment and fuel are expensive, so every euro you donate means a lot. We also invite you to contribute non-financially - your help as a volunteer is much appreciated.

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